Seriously, Improv

seriously, improv

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Why Improv?

Let me be the first to tell you. Improv is not about being funny. I know that may sound counter intuitive because when you go to an improv show, all you do is laugh. Right? What makes improv funny though is not in the funny one-liners, or the person who thinks they're a stand up comedian. The people who are best at improv are grounded in listening, investing in one idea, and supporting their teammates. It's not about being the best performer. It's aout being the best teammate.

Often in life, teams create their own barriers of effective communication with another because they are missing the basic forms of communication. We get in our own way.

Seriously, Improv is designed to help teams re-align with one another so they can properly have effective meetings, group mindsets, and fun throughout the whole process.

Stop being
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Let's Look at the Research

Let's Look at the Research

Research indicates that improv increases and improves blood flow in your brain. The same chemicals that go off in a Jazz Musicians' brain when they are playing with their team are the same that are seen in an improv scene. It's the balance of team play with individual expression. Groups that have improvised together have had more effective and creative team meetings and have led to higher sales growth.

Research also shows that during improvisation, a person's inhibition is lowered by shutting down areas of the brain that focus on self-censoring as well as planned actions. In contrast, there's an increase in the area of the brain that stimulates self-expression and indviduality. Simply put, improv unleashes your most authentic version of YOU.

Where Business Meets Improv


Skip the small talk and start getting specific and investing in the person you are talking with. In brainstorming, we tend to focus on so many different ideas, that we start at the same point where we started. Zero. Dropping our own agenda and saying 'Yes, and' takes us to a new level of investing in ideas, but most importantly, our teammates around us.


Improv is a team game where everyone is focused on passing the ball rather than scoring the basket. The more the ball is moving around the more likely the team is to succeed. It's too common where we stand around and wait for something to happen, or want to be the hero ourselves. We never win that way. Improv suggests that you stop being the hero, and make others the hero. That way, everyone wins.


Often times we know the right thing to do and what we should do, but we're scared to step up to the plate. We cover up our own ideas by asking questions instead. Commitment is about owning who you are and what you bring to the table and to stop shying away from it. The biggest gift you can give to someone else is all of who you are. Be specific. Bring an idea. And commit to it.

Brian Nelson

About Brian Nelson

Brian has worked in Sales and Marketing for over six years while studying, teaching, and performing improv with Improv for the People and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Brian focuses on how improv brings to light opportunities for teams to connect and translate that into everyday life. Improv shows us who we really are and how we can better show up for one another. With his background in sales, Brian emphasizes the importance of listening, connecting, and committing in improv, so we can bring that forward with our clients and teammates around us.


Brian spoke to our group of networking professionals and brought the room alive! We have never had a networking event quite like this. Brian’s energy, enthusiasm and incredible skill-set impressed each member of our group. The event attendees ranged in ages and professions and Brian was able to relate to all of them. He brought confidence to each individual. He taught us how to take critical skills into the workforce/personal life, and how to communicate more effectively!

Monica Augstyn,
Chadwick Professionals

Brian is a skilled improv coach who knows his craft. We invited him into the classroom to help adult learners build their creative confidence and develop better collaboration and communication skills. It was easy, it was fun, and thanks to Brian's guidance, we all walked away with some clear, usable tools. I highly recommend his improv workshops for anyone interested in becoming a more effective, engaged person - in any type of environment. We're excited to have him back soon!

Kat Hargreaves
UX Design Consultant

Brian lead an improv course for our Google Automotive Team. The content of the event was designed for fun general team building, but the exercises helped us to communicate more effectively as business and sales professionals. Brian's enthusiasm and expertise created a great experience for our team. The training has helped bring new tactics in working with and presenting to our clients and months later we still practice and continue to use, "yes and..." in our team meetings.

Jaron Daugherty,